Meet the Schroeder Family,



          Brad and Casadi Schroeder, along with their children Noah (10), Mika (8) and Phin (5). The Schroeder’s called the Lanigan area home for most of their lives but in 2019 moved to Thailand to serve as long-term missionaries with Multiply. The Schroeder’s are living in the city of Chonburi (about 1 hour south of Bangkok) and working on a team with three other missionaries from North America. Right now, during their first three year term, their main mission is to learn the Thai language and culture, needless to say they are busy studying most days. The Schroeder’s team is involved in supporting several local churches and their leaders, looking for and training leaders for future church planting, running an orphanage, and helping support women who have found freedom from the local sex trade. While the Schroeder’s involvement in these ministries is minimal right now, due to their limited knowledge of the language, they will begin getting more involved as they progress. Before coming to Thailand the Schroeder’s were part of CFC in Lanigan and even pastored there for several years. The Schroeder’s are continually grateful for the CFC body, and Christian Fellowship Church is grateful for them and their ministry!


Meet Gerry and Shirley Falk,



           Gerry Falk grew up on Vancouver Island before coming to Saskatchewan to attend Bethany College, where he met Shirley (Toews), a local from Guernsey, SK. They both went overseas afterward on a three-year apprenticeship program with Mennonite Brethren Missions (now known as Multiply); Gerry went to Paraguay, and Shirley went to Spain. Upon returning to Canada, they married in 1986. The Falk’s served for sixteen years in church-planting ministry in Peru. The Falk children, Sara and Tim, grew up in Peru and were a vital part of their outreach and church life. It was and continues to be our joy to introduce people to Jesus and see them grow in Christ. In 2005, the Falk’s came to Saskatoon and joined Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, where they minister to international students at the University of Saskatchewan.

           The Falk’s vision is that international graduate students, and visiting scholars, would come to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord. Gerry and Shirley’s mission is to provide wholesome activities for all, giving opportunity for them to hear about and experience Jesus, and for those who are Christians to grow as His disciples. 

           COVID-19 has changed our ministry somewhat, but Gerry and Shirley have become friends with ZOOM and make good use of their account; meeting for prayer meetings and Bible study and other social evenings online. Over the summer, the Falk’s have been doing outdoor safe-distance events like picnics in various parks, KUBB, disc golf and hiking. Fewer new international students have arrived but most of those who were here before the lockdown have stayed. Although the University is physically locked to those who don't have a key, making it difficult for the two of us to meet new students, students who take part in InterVarsity community are telling their friends and inviting them to online and in-person events.

           Pray that as the Gospel continues to be proclaimed in word and deed, many will know Jesus and follow Him.


Meet the Huculak Family,


James and Theresa Korea.jpg

          James and Theresa Huculak serve with Power to Change in the Philippines.

          James and Theresa have two children; Matthew, a lawyer, in Vancouver and Michelle, a nurse, who is married to Jim, in Papua New Guinea. Jim and Michelle have served with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea for 6 years. Jim works in information technology services, while Michelle helps new arrivals adjust to their base, as well as homeschooling their 5 children.

          The Huculak’s have served in the Philippines for the last 40 years. They work in the area of leadership development as faculty members at the International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL). James and Theresa train, equip, and disciple Christian leaders from around Asia. IGSL draws students from throughout Asia – South East Asia (such as Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand), East Asia (like China, Vietnam, and South Korea), South Asia (such as Pakistan, India, and Nepal), and occasionally 

from Central Asia (Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan). Due to the pandemic, our IGSL training for this school year is entirely online.

The Huculak’s students come with 5-15 years of Christian service behind them, the average age is between 25-45 years old. The students come to prepare for new roles of service in their countries and in missions. As a result, the Huculak’s get to work with a group of highly committed, very teachable believers. James and Theresa serve in different ways. Jamesteaches New Testament classes, disciple, and coach their present students and our alumni. Students approach me with a desire to learn and, on occasion, a look of confusion (an experience common to teachers). Theresa leads the Community Services Team, helping their students face their life challenges for everything from health, visa, and issues about family needs.